Sunday, April 7, 2013

Pavlova Again

Such a sinful dessert that Hafiy requested over tea time. I baked the meringue a week ago .. So, kejap je dah ready .. tinggal whip the cream and decorate je. Satu pavlova ni (ukuran about 10 inch baking tin) we had it all by ourselves, just the four of us at one go ... each one get a quarter ... hihi ... sedappp je makan sambil ngadap citer Korea .. hubby dearest pon mula kata i served him such a big portion ... tapi bila i nak tolong perabih dia xbagi pulak ... aishh .. lepas tu masing2 rasa guilty mengenangkan all the calories yg diternak dlm badan .. adoyaiii ... nanti boleh buat lagi ;)

Still using the same recipe >> here

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