Saturday, July 2, 2011

Daddy's new toy

My token of appreciation to him on Father's day ... it's nothing compared to what he's done for the family. He preferred this one to IPad. Sehari sebelum tu dah usha. Boleh x .. our 2 boys yg excited terlebih .. masa lunch tu dok pujuk their dad to accept my gift tu. Bila ingat2kan balik, mmg kelakar la ... disebabkan si ayah masih dok berkira-kira nak beli ke x, si abang siap pakat ngan I & adiknya ... dia konon2 nak ajak si ayah pergi tpt lain .. book store ke, so that I can do the shopping tanpa halangan. Macam la org tu x tahu kan .. mcm2 effort they made to distract his attention. Failed to make it a surprise, we shopped for it together at last .. ^_^

To my darling, you complete me ... A million thanks to the love you showered us. I'm thankful to Allah for giving me such a good husband & father to my kids. My doa ... I do hope you'll be a better person each day ... that will lead me & our kids to become better muslim/muslimah ... & lead us to jannah. Ameen ya rabb!

You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours dear (@_@) .. I'm glad, you really like it! Sekarang ke mana-mana berkepit dgn Tab dia aje.

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