Saturday, February 23, 2013


It was friday and dearest hubby's birthday. Tu ... my gift to him ... it was actually a hint of apa yg i nak for my birthday pulak .. i cakap kat dia .. hehe .. gabra jap pakcik tu nak buka.

I baked this using the recipe here (my 2nd attempt baking this dessert .. haha .. tad too long for a second try kan .. still didn't meet my expectation lah .. and this time i think i know why ... so gonna give another try very soon) My initial plan to bake him a cake was cancelled due to time constraint .. So we had this, satay and my sis has been so kind to cook her signature Mee goreng for the birthday treat that day. 

Loads and loads of fruits .. putting everything that i have in the fridge ...
and yup, that's the best thing about baking this dessert at home ...

** guess what .. my auntie panggil benda alah ni Nealova ... dgn alasan berbelit2 lidah dia nak sebut cik pavlova ni ..

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